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Exceeding Expectations... Inspiring Confidence... Exercising Integrity...


Our assessments are geared towards optimized and consistent interpretation of requirements with focus and emphasis on the value added elements of the registration process...


We demonstrate our commitment to customer focus and superior service delivery in many ways, including the rigorous and successful achievement of accreditation...


We hold ourselves accountable to our customers. Everything we do is part of our solid commitment to provide a service that adds value and return on investment...

4 Steps to Granting, Transferring and Maintaining a Certification:


Document Review


Registration Assessment


Surveillance Assessment



About Us

Audit3 is a new kind of Registrar with a clear purpose. WE are committed to consistently delivering services that;
-Add value,
-Help our customers realize their full potential, and
-Support our customers achievement of their objectives for growth, profitability and success.

WE are committed to running a values based company with a strong sense of purpose, integrating the combined values of our team members and partners together with the real needs of our customers.

Our core values are built around the following;
WE love what we do.
WE are humbled by the challenges our customers face.
WE are grateful for what we have.

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Training Resources

There are many resources available to help enlighten and inform regarding all aspects of management systems certification. Below are key links to several relevant agencies and documents:

Please note that the use of Audit3 partners does not guarantee a specific outcome during certification assessments.  These are meant simply as a resource to our clients and visitiors to our website.  

1. Request a Quote - Click Here or Call 864.498.1120

2. Documentation Review - (No Cost)

3. Develop Transition Plan - (Usually No Additional Audit Activity Required)

4. Audit3 Certificate Issued - (Surveillance Cycle Assumed)

Easy Transfer Process