ISO 50001

The International Organization for Standardization released a new management standard born out of the critical challenges faced by governments, businesses, and economies worldwide: Volatile and increasing energy costs, and growing concerns about climate change.

Energy is no longer a  technical issue, but a management issue with an impact on the bottom line
and the time to address the issue is now.”
ISO Secretary – General Rob Steele –  June 17, 2011

ISO 50001 establishes a framework to manage energy for all types of facilities, including industrial plants, commercial buildings, institutions and government facilities. The new standard is targeted for broad applicability worldwide and could influence how as much as 60 percent of the world’s energy is used.  The RECON Group has

demonstrated the ability to help manufacturers identify inefficiencies in primary power delivery systems and install retrofit solutions that reduce energy consumption by as much as 50 percent.

An ISO 50001 certification demonstrates that companies are doing their part to reduce waste and  protect the environment, and can generate business from customers who also hold such values.

Critical elements of the new ISO standard recommend that companies:

  • Establish an energy baseline
  • Define energy consumption goals
  • Create metrics for measuring and tracking energy use
  • Establish energy oversight and management practices

The standard encourages monitoring of energy use and continuous efforts to reduce energy consumption . Today, any world-class quality program is driven by data because you cannot manage what you don’t measure.  This same principal applies to effective energy management programs.

Numerous companies have already benefitted from implementation of the ISO standard as early adopters. Among them:

  • One Dow Chemical plant reduced energy consumption by 18 percent over two years.
  • Houston’s Cook Composites and Polymers reduced consumption by 15 percent, saving $250,000 a year with no capital investment.

Other companies with ISO 50001 certification include Delta Electronics in China, Schneider Electric in France, Dahanu Thermal Power in India, AU Optronics in Taiwan and Bad Eisenkappel in Austria. Companies such as Alcoa, 3M, Eaton and Nissan are seeking ISO 50001 certification as part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Superior Energy Performance program.

AudIT3 is constantly evaluating new standards as well as the needs of our customers.  We have had interest from our existing customers and beyond in this new energy standard.  In support of ISO 50001, and to help our clients, AudIT3 has partnered with several companies to bring a full-service program of implementation, identification of energy inefficiencies, and installation of improvements on your factory floor.

For information about ISO 50001:

(* Note while we recommend the services of our partners, use of their services does not guarantee positive results during a certification event.)

We have partnered with RECON, a total energy provider and division of Livingston & Haven engineering services company.  They have developed some unique technologies for energy monitoring which may help in compliance with ISO 50001.  Please see the attached document for additional information.