About Audit3

Audit3 is a new kind of Registrar with a clear purpose. WE are committed to consistently delivering services that;

  • Add value,
  • Help our customers realize their full potential, and,
  • Support our customers achievement of their objectives for growth, profitability and success.

WE are committed to running a values based company with a strong sense of purpose, integrating the combined values of our team members and partners together with the real needs of our customers.

Our core values are built around the following;
WE love what we do,
WE are humbled by the challenges our customers face.
WE are grateful for what we have.

Our Principles:
Efficiency – Our goal is to provide you services that are timely and thrifty
Efficacy – Our goal is to perform audits that are factual and honest
Effectiveness – Our goal is to provide audit services that improve client system performance

The registration services business has become highly commoditized and has undergone significant changes since its beginnings in the late 1980’s. Advancing on a rich history of serving industry, Audit3 has taken a new path in the evolution of the management system services business. It is our belief that our role and our focus is to partner with our clients. Establishing and maintaining a value added relationship with our clients is one of the fundamental operating principles of Audit3 .

The benefits of registration with Audit3 include:
· Accountability – to your systems, your customer and the standard
· Scheduling flexibility
· Experienced management, staff, and auditors with an average of 15+ years experience
· Direct access to management with a single point of contact
· Competitive straightforward pricing model with no hidden fees
· Diligent, thorough and reasonable auditors
· Internationally recognized accreditation

WE are accredited by the ANSI – ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) for certifications to QMS / ISO 9001 management standards and EMS / ISO14001.

Entering as unknowns…working together as partners…succeeding together as friends.
Join the revolution today!