Selecting a Registrar

Selecting a registrar is like any other strategic partnership in which your company may engage.
It is not a decision to be made lightly. 

We have highlighted some criteria to consider for the selection:

We are accredited by the ANSI – ASQ National Accreditation Board – the ANAB.
Through their affiliation with the Internal Accreditation Forum, your certification will be recognized around the world.

Our managers average over 20 years experience in management systems including all aspects of quality management and sector specific schemes including automotive and medical devices as well as environmental systems.

From scheduling to other requests, a smaller more agile company such as Audit3 can respond to your questions and request better and faster.  We have an extremely “flat” management structure so your requests and passed through the organization quickly.

Our auditors are diligent in their pursuit of evidence of compliance and methods to improve the ability of the system to contribute to the bottom line.  This is a legacy you instill in your clients and that we will carry on.

The registration relationship is not only about cost, it is about return on investment – i. e. value.  We strive to bring value to our clients by providing objective insights and results of our experiences that can benefit our clients.

We recognize that our clients systems should bring value.  We also recognize that our clients are experts in their systems.  We temper thoroughness of our audits with a reasonable expectation of what the system is designed to do.  We look on the management system as a toolbox.  To maintain compliance, you must have and use all the tools in that toolbox.  We fully realize that some companies utilize tools in slightly different ways and that some are more widely used while others are for specialty use.

When you have a question or concern, you have one point of contact.  Your auditor can provide direct access to the highest management of our organization to provide quick consideration to any request.

Many registrars utilize some measure of contract auditors to provide their service and we are no different.  However, we don’t utilize auditors that our managers have not worked directly with and know how they operate in their clients facilities.  This precludes rogue and unreasonable auditors from causing problems with our clients.  We realize that our auditors are the face of this company in our clients and we take the selection and competence process of our auditors very seriously.